Anon Rodan MIPS Helmet black

Anon Rodan MIPS Helmet black
Brand: Anon
Color: black
1980.08 SEK
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Lightweight, compact helmet with MIPS technologyThe Anon Rodan MIPS® helmet features an in-mold shell construction with low weight and a slim, compact fit. The MIPS technology primarily reduces impact forces associated with rotational speed and thus increases safety. Construction The In-Mold construction made of polycarbonate combines reliable stability and low weight. The inner shell is made of efficiently damping EPS. MIPS® Multi-Directional Impact Protection System Inside the Rodan is the MIPS® Brain Protection System (BPS). It deflects dangerous forces that would otherwise hit your brain with full force, primarily in the case of impacts with a lot of rotational speed. Ventilation The helmet is equipped with a passive ventilation system. This automatically ensures ideal ventilation. Fit System The 360° BOA® adjustment system with dials directly under the helmet allows fine adjustment of the fit around the entire head. FeaturesIn-mold constructionPassive ventilationMIPS® technology360° BOA® adjustment systemFidlock® buckle with push-button closureInterior and ear pads made of cosy fleeceCompatible with audio accessories