Armada ARV 106mm 180 2023 Skis uni

Armada ARV 106mm 180 2023 Skis uni
Brand: Armada
Color: uni
7151.72 SEK
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Unmatched versatility with ArmadaThe ARV 106 is Armada’s most versatile all-mountain freestyle ski and offers a playful and responsive yet stable feel. For high-performance riders who are tired of throwing their standard skis in the rubbish every half season. The ARV 106 was completely redesigned last year and received a Smear-Tech upgrade on the tip and tail, which improves performance on soft snow and enables relaxed handling. The Armada ARV 106 is reinforced with an AR75 sidewall construction to optimally absorb impacts at high speeds or when buttering on rails, walls and concrete. In addition, the ARV 106 has Ash Stringers for more pop and feels just as much at home surfing the white wave as it does during a session in the pro park. Riding style All-mountain freestyle/park ski for advanced shredders. The wider Twin Tip Shape makes this ski perfect for any terrain from park to piste to backcountry, you can just ride it anywhere. Shape This ski comes with a Directional Twin shape, the nose is a few millimetres wider than the tail, with a central binding position. Thus the ski offers you the same skiing characteristics forward and switch. However, thanks to the slightly wider nose you get a little more uplift in fresh snow. Profile The ARV 106 comes with a classic camber under the binding and an even Early Rise in nose and tail. This profile is perfect for any terrain. Precision and pop for park and slope, good uplift in powder. Flex The medium-hard flex provides precise control at high speeds with high responsiveness. Construction The AR75 sidewall construction comes with a cap construction in tip and tail and with a sidewall under the binding. The cap construction in tip and tail reduces the swing weight, while the sidewall makes the ski more robust. The poplar ash core combines lightweight wood with a denser, stiffer wood in a horizontal laminate to create an incredibly lively ski. This core provides the power you need to push your riding to a new level. The new Smear Tec on tip and tail provides more relaxed handling and better performance in soft snow. The S7 base is robust and low maintenance and comes with a speed additive for more speed. FeaturesFreeride ski from ArmadaSmear TecAR Freestyle Rocker profileAR75 sidewall constructionPoplar ash coreS7 base2.5 Impact edges