Armada Bdog 94mm Edgeless 172 2023 Skis uni

Armada Bdog 94mm Edgeless 172 2023 Skis uni
Brand: Armada
Color: uni
6051.37 SEK
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Eliminating the steel edges from the BDOG gives Phil the confidence to slide wood, aluminum, concrete and other surfaces not made to blend well with traditional edged skis. Circle Flex utilizes our durable Poplar-Ash wood core combined with a unique fiberglass layup to give the ski the softest flexing feel on the market. AR Freestyle Rocker and signature straight sections in the sidecut provide large surface area for all imaginable butters and presses and eat up crusty, handmade in-runs with ease. Creativity is king for Phil, and the BDog Edgeless is his new favorite tool. FeaturesAR75 SidewallPoplar Ash CoreAR Freestyle RockerS7 BaseEdgelessCircle Flex