Atomic Backland FR SQS 2023 Telescopic Poles black

Atomic Backland FR SQS 2023 Telescopic Poles black
Kategorier: Alpint, Alpinstavar
Brand: Atomic
Color: black
1760.01 SEK
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Telescopic ski pole developed in collaboration with Chris Benchetler A pole developed together with Chris Benchetler can only be good. The Backland offers a revised ergonomic grip and screwdriver for your backcountry adventures. The SQS - Safety Quick Release System ensures that the pole is released when the strap is pulled strongly. This protects you from injury in an emergency. A carbide tip protects the pole when in contact with rocks and trees and thanks to the Power Lock System it can be adjusted in length (110-130cm). FeaturesAdjustable length (telescope with power lock) 110-135cmPro StrapSQS - Safety Quick Release SystemSki Binding Screwdriver InsideErgonomic EVA Grip5* Aluminium Pole TechnologyPowder Basket (97 mm)Ergonomic M-FitVery robust carbide tip