Light REV Pill Carbon Frame 6'0 uni

Light REV Pill Carbon Frame 6'0 uni
Kategorier: Alpint, Freeride Skidor
Brand: Light
Color: uni
7426.81 SEK
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The Light REV Pill Carbon Frame 6'0’’ Surfboard is very performance orientated. Especially during smaller days it’s one of the Pro`s favourite boards to ride. The carbon frame doesn’t only make your board more durable, it also provides a lot of extra strength and flexibility. You should suggest to ride it 1’’ wider and 2’’ shorter compared to your regular shortboard. Features: + Length: 6'0’’ + Wide: 19.5’’ + Thickness: 2.375’’ + Volume: 30.5l + Squashtail + Dual carbon frame construction with EPS epoxy + Center stringer + Closed cell EPS foam + FCS M5 fin setup + Fins included + FCS fusion plugs